abantu ubuntu

by Alain Dada

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Alain Dada

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abantu ubuntu

Our mission is to build a platform on which Afro African owned companies in Africa can easily sell their products. At the same time, the platform should enable Europeans, American’s, Latinos, Asians and the diaspora of Afro-Africans over the world to buy safely from African entrepreneurs in Africa while enjoying the same service they are used to.


We have all witnessed through time that constantly giving charity money to genuinely help the people, hasn’t solved the problem. We believe that the problem is still there because charity does not solve the situation, it only helps the ones in need through the situation. abantu ubuntu will enable the locals to solve their problems by enabling them to gain wealth, knowledge and technology. abantu ubuntu will be their guide through this revolutionary process.

For every donation of €50,00  you can shop for new shoes at Corporate.moreandfashion.com, and you will only pay the manufacturing price. You will even be able to use the 3D-Designing to Custom Design the model of your favourite shoe.  Just click on the logo underneath to visit the website.

We need YOUR HELP to achieve this because, without your HELP, African entrepreneurs will not thrive…

#abantuubuntu #ubuntunation

  • Changing your mind is Changing the world..

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