“what is real and essential, hidden in plain sight all around us all the time?”

A decentralized African economy

Abantu Ubuntu believes in a world where the so-called black skin is free from “black vs white” fights and from colonizing powers deciding over their laws, faith and the economy. Abantu Ubuntu wishes to achieve an Africa where every Afro-African has the power over its own laws and economy.  For this reason, Abantu Ubuntu participates in the process of uniting the diaspora Afro-Africans with each other and with the Afro-Africans in Africa to restore its land, nature and culture without the help of any non-Afro-African political power.

Abantu Ubuntu is aware that what is called: “The continent Africa” with all its attached islands is in reality one country wich is ruled by Arabs (North Sahara Africa), Europeans and Asians (Sub-Shara Africa and South Africa). Their politicians area chosen by colonial powers to insure that Afro-African does have any power over his/her own land. Furthermore, the mind of the African is still imprisoned by religions such as Christianity, Islam, Confusionism, Buddhism, etc. which were introduced or forced on the African.

As long as the African call  “Jesus” or the Arabic man “Mohammed”, the man called Budha or the Confucianist, etc. their All Mighty or their GOD, then the African will remain the so-called sleeping giant that wait upon another non-Afro-African to deliver him or her from their own responsibilities.

In search of the “Papa Africa” and the “Mama Africa” Abantu Ubuntu will achieve its dream by building an Afro Economy System trough decentralized technology to free itself from colonial powers such as the United Kingdom, France, America, Belgium, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, China, etc. etc.