Aba'ntu Ubu'ntu

Aba’ntu Ubu’ntu is an Aba’ntu owned company.

The mission of Aba’ntu Ubu’ntu is to become the platform that focus on uniting the Aba’ntu (the people with melanin dominated skin tones) with each-other, with every Mzungu over the world and more importantly with the land of their roots: Africa. 

Aba’ntu Ubu’ntu is not a foundation. It is a company that will benefit from every activity attached to their mission and goals to prolong the continuance to achieving their goals. Aba’ntu Ubu’ntu  will participates in every activities that are inline with their mission and the goals of the company.  

With our mission, Aba’ntu Ubu’ntu has the following goals:

  • Create a decentralized blockchain ecosystem that enables every African (every aba’ntu) to achieve a stable income to develop their local economy.
  • Re-establish the original Ubuntu culture visible in the original Yoruba culture for the Aba’ntu and the rest of the world to experience.
  • Give the Aba’ntu access to the only greatest Ubu’ntu library in the world: The Pyramids.
  • Assist in creating a clean natural environment and a save environment for the wildlife in Africa.

Have you ever seen Africa
presented to you on a map like the one above?

This map is suppose to reveal the almost full size of Africa. The Middle East was a British and a European idea that came to reality around 1901 through geopolitics with the goal to break the Ottoman Empire. The Middle-East or Arabia is on the tectonic plate of Africa and that is an undeniable fact!

This means that: Egypt, the Middle-East, Mesopotamia, etc. is in Africa.

The Middle-East is Africa

Please allow our fathers to provide you an insight about this matter.

About Aba'ntu

We have been taught that Abantu are a group African of people with a common language. This is not a lie, it is only a part of the explanation.

abe (is a person) of the “ntu (a spiritual society) . aba’ntu is the plural form of “abe“. The Aba’ntu are people with melanin dominated skin tones. The mix bloods with melanin in their skin also belongs to this group. This certainly does not in anyway exclude our brothers, sisters, mothers and children who are Albinos. The Albinos must be protected in the name of Ubu’ntu because of their beautiful uniqueness against groups who practice dark magic.

Please gain more insight about the “Ntu” in the Aba’ntu‘ and Ubu’Ntu

Ubu'ntu in short

Ubu’ntu” pronounced [ úbú ‘ntu ] is the original traditional African culture that cannot be clearly explained in to words. To translate it as “humanity towards others” is to inform others about a very small but important section of Ubu’ntu. In the spirit of Ubu’ntu, our ancestors teaches that:

  • There should never be a poor person ohlelekileyo (a deprived person), widows left alone, orphans nor should we never let nature and animals be neglected because everything is part of creation. 
  • “If a man does not have a cow, then give him a cow to milk. If nature or an animal is unwell, your should provide it the correct treatment.”
Please keep in mind that Ubu’ntu is more than the embodiment of the virtues that maintains the spirit of harmony, of caring and of sharing among the members of a society. 

More about Ubu'ntu

Please allow our sister and our Mr. Joshua Maponga to provide you an insight about Ubuntu.

The underlying desire behind every protest is the desire for freedom and controle. The freedom to have complete controle over your own economy, your laws&rights, freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom fo expression.

If anyone has to fight an other person to achieve this freedom, it only means that he/she had lost this freedom because the/she had given it to another person who will do everything to never give back his/her freedom.


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