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Abantu Ubuntu will be a DeFi-Ecosystem with a powerful cross-chain protocol that will connect farmers, manufacturers, small entrepreneurs and recyclers especially in 3rd-world countries with their customers as well as end their users over the world.

This platform will enable B2B and the B2C trades. Also, it will provide entrepreneurs easy access to financial capital to cover every trading costs.

The users will be able to access the highly secured platform from the tips of their fingers. They will not need any coding knowledge to enjoy the benefits of the platform. 

abantu ubuntu roadmap

Step 1


The indalo phase is the launch and the promotion of the abantu ubuntu App to get  at least 100,000 users for  app-testing and products testing, features testing, user experience and eventually to get community feedback.

Step 2


In the Neferitit phase we will launch the Testnet software to enabled individual computers to support running the abantu ubuntu Testnet using Test-coin. Testnet will only be available for the purpose of testing.

Step 3


the Nubia phase wil be all about preparing for the transition to the main net. Launching the Cross-chain protocol and the marketplace in the Testnet. Promote the abantu ubuntu App to grow the total users to at least 5000,000.

Step 4


In this phase we will have build a digital imperium equal to Khemet or Egypt before the the coming of the caucasians. After the successful testing of the features of the app and the node software, we will start the transition to the main net.

Step 5


The abantu ubuntu will be lauged as a Decentralized DeFi Ecosystem.