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The Abantu Unbuntu Nation

abe is a (bantu) person of the “ntu society abantu is the plural form of “abe“. Ubuntu pronounced [ùbúntú], is the traditional Afrikan concept of the way of life that can roughly be translated as “humanity towards others. “Ubuntu is about the quality of every human being. In this way  ubuntu” embodies all those virtues that maintain harmony and the spirit of sharing among the members of a society. “Ubuntu teaches that a person is nothing without the other person, just as the other person is nothing without a person. In the spirit of ubuntu, there should be no poor person ohlelekileyo (a deprived person), no widows left alone nor should there be any orphans. If a man does not have milk, you must give him a cow to milk without expecting anything in return.  -ubuntu-

"I am nothing without you and you are nothing without me"

This what we need and more to build a global platform for Afro-African Entrepreneurs.
2 million people are needed to "give a cow" to Afro-African entrepreneurs and to follow
Countries over the world and all its people can "give a cow" to Afro-Afrikan entrepreneurs.
has been raised until now and with this we have made a start with



Your financial backing will enable Abantu ubuntu continue building on the platform More&Fashion. More&Fashion enables Afro-African entrepreneurs in the fashion industry to offer their products and services to everyone outside Africa. The goal is for it to become a global B2B and B2C platform equal to Amazon or Alibaba. Thank you for “Giving a Cow”.

You can also help us by using our Corporate Business Shoes Design  Service.  With this service every type of company enables its employees to design and buy handmade shoes from the factory.  You will only pay the manufacturing price.

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