The Russia - Ukraine war

There is More!

We stil have Bantus stuck in Ukraine and they can not get out. There are even news that Ukraine tells our Bantu brothers that they will have to fight for them agains Russia.

Ukraine and Russia are looking for volunteers fighters in Africa. This means that African’s might be or are already fighting the war of Russia and the war of Ukraine. Blacks fighting each other for for…

Bantu’s are people with melanin dominated skin. These people are from Africa, and have migrated to Europe, Asia and/or the America’s before their encounter with the Caucasians.

Do not hate the European (the so called white people) and do not go out to protest. We are smarter than that! Furthermore, The European is also a creation of our “Ntu”. 

It is our time to unite as one soul, to become the lost Ubuntu Nation. Joint Amabtu Ubuntu and build a home where we are not Negroes, Niggers, Niggas or whatever the media, rappers or hateful people call us.. 

Our main mission is to provide our brothers, sister, mothers, fathers and children the same luxury life we have outside Africa.

Give, Invest or share your coding skills to help us rebuild our country Africa with blockchain technology as we build Nubia, Khemet, Cush or Egypt.